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Pregnancy Visit and Fees
Please make regular appointments every four weeks for the first seven months, then at two-week intervals during the eighth month and weekly appointments during the ninth month of your pregnancy. Try to schedule at least three months in advance.
The global obstetrical fee refers to the professional component for services rendered by your primary obstetrician. This includes routine obstetrical visits; their services for labor and delivery and the routine postpartum care for six weeks following delivery. In the event of a "high risk" delivery the global charge will be higher. Tests, the laboratory fee, anesthesiologist, pathologist, hospital and other outside resources are additional charges.
If you have any questions, please call one of our bookkeepers, the hospital billing department, and check your benefits with your insurance company.
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Pregnancy Visits & Fees

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When you contact our office, please let us know if you are in labor so we can give priority handling to your call. After hours, you will reach a recording that asks you to call 482-2229 to reach the physician on call.