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Persistent nausea or vomiting interfering with adequate food or fluid intake
Any bleeding except spotting after vaginal exam
Leaking or gushing of fluid from the vagina
Severe, persistent headaches not relieved by Tylenol
Disturbance of vision, i.e., spots, flashes of light or blind spots
Pain or burning with urination
Severe shortness of breath
Irritating vaginal discharge or sores near the vaginal opening
Abdominal pain and/or cramping lasting longer than one hour
Severe dizziness or fainting
Temperature over 101 degrees F.
Cramping, contractions, tightening or pressure occurring in a regular pattern
No fetal movement or decrease in fetal movement after 28 weeks of pregnancy
Sudden swelling or weight gain
Sudden decrease in urinary output, fever or backache
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