Every birth is a unique and special event. Our OBGYN team feels delighted to share this special time with you. Our mission is to give all of our expectant mothers the information and high-quality care they need to have a healthy and safe pregnancy and delivery. North Spokane Women’s Health of Spokane supports our obstetrics patients for every step, answering questions and providing personalized care in a positive, supportive environment.

  • Family planning/preconception counseling
  • Early pregnancy confirmation
  • Obstetrical education
  • Obstetrical ultrasound
  • Pregnancy
  • Low & High risk obstetrical care
  • In-office fetal monitoring (NST)
  • NT (Nuchal translucency) sonograms
  • Genetic counseling and non-invasive fetal cell DNA testing
  • Cord blood collection
  • Trial of labor after c-section (TOLAC)
  • Vaginal birth after c-section (VBAC)
  • Postpartum care
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“My birthing experience was wonderful. My doctors were marvelous and attended to every need and question I had. I highly recommend them both. My nurses at Holy Family were top notch, cheerful, competent and caring.”